Huawei IdeaHub B2-65

HUAWEI IdeaHub B2 is the next-generation intelligent meeting panel that delivers HD cloud conferencing. With dual Wi-Fi design and an optical anti-blue light feature, it offers an upgraded projection and writing experience perfect for multiple office environments, including meeting rooms, manager offices, and open office areas.

All-in-One Collaboration Endpoint

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Collaboration endpoint that integrates multiple functions

4K soft light screen, for eye comfort over long periods
Professional-grade 4K camera, delivering crystal-clear dynamic images
Sound pickup within 10m, ensuring clear voice reception from remote locations 550 cm3 large speaker, providing 3D stereo sound.

Smart Office

Compatibility with mainstream cloud meeting systems

Native Huawei Cloud Meeting on the Android system, displaying 1080p HD visuals through a simple QR code scan

Extension of Windows*, allowing for easy connection to mainstream cloud meetings

Projection based on dual Wi-Fi modules

Dual-band and dual-Wi-Fi design, ensuring stable projection

Reverse control of input devices on the IdeaHub, supporting PPT slideshows and commenting

Multiple projection modes, simplifying projection and sharing between different systems

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Buy from authorized Huawei Partner in Dubai – New Trend Computer Networks LLC.