NG-GS305P-200UKS Netgear
5-Port Gigabit Ethernet SOHO Unmanaged Switch with 4-Ports PoE+ (63W)


5-Port Switch Gigabit Unmanaged PoE switch with 4 PoE+ ports and 63W power budget to power Wireless AP, IP Cameras, IP Phones and morePoE Considerations Support The switch prioritizes the power that it supplies in ascending port order (from Port 1 to port 4), up to its total power budget (55.5 Watts). If the power requirements for the attached powered devices (PDs) exceed the total power budget of the switch, the PD on the highest numbered port is disabled to ensure that the PDs that are connected to the higher priority, lower numbered ports are supported first. Just because a PD is listed as an 802.3af PoE powered device does not necessarily mean that it requires the maximum power limit of the specification. Many PDs require less power, allowing all four PoE ports to be active simultaneously. The following table describes the PoE classes and switch allocations.